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  Horseback Riding Safety at Spider Lake Ranch & Riding Stable


At Spider Lake Ranch & Riding Stable...We strive to ensure you have a memorable time enjoying the forest on horseback. We have several Safety Precautions in place to help keep you, other guests and our horses safe.

• Riders must be at least 7 years old and 48" tall to ride. Sorry, no exceptions, this is a safety and insurance restriction.

• Riding double is not permitted, this is also an insurance restriction as well as a personal belief, as it's exceptionally dangerous.

• For the health and safety of our horses, we have a strict weight limit of 220 pounds.  This year we are weighing all adults and teens.  If a guest is over the weight limit, (even by 1 pound)  we would not have a horse for that guest.  

There seems to be a misconception on how much weight a horse can carry.  Yes, the are big animals, but they do have limits.  A horse can consistently and safely carry 20% of their body weight, which includes saddle and pad.  So that means a 1100 pound horse (our biggest), can safely carry 220 pounds.  Smaller horses, that number is less.  When a horse repeatedly carries more weight than it should, it can be catastrophic to the horse causing sores, lameness or permanent injuries.  It's not difficult for horses to occasionally carry more weight, but ours are working horses.  They work every day and go on multiple trips per day.  Our priority is for their health and safety first.  We hope this helps to explain the why, and we sincerely aren't trying to offend anyone.



Riding and Weather Conditions
Weather Conditions
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Always call to verify your ride when the weather changes. Questionable weather is not a time when you want to be caught out on the trails. It's not safe for riders or the horses. Rides may be postponed in the event of bad or severe weather.  Please call to confirm your ride. Thank you!


Riders should be prepared & dressed appropriately for the weather
-Flip flops are not recommended - Please wear hard shoes such as tennis shoes, or boots if you have them. Sandals only if they have a heel strap.

-Sunscreen is recommended, the trails are a mixture of sun & shade.

-Pants are recommended.

-Hats must be tight so they don't fly off and scare horses.

If you have any questions about what we recommend for horseback riding safety at our ranch & stable, please feel free to contact us 715-462-3386.

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